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Aloha My Love,

As we approach Thanksgiving here in the USA, I am reminded even more how grateful I am for so many blessings in life. Who would have thought I small town girl who grew up in foster homes would be able to travel the world and make such an impact into the lives of millions of people. I am beyond myself sometimes, and am always looking for new ways to give back. Through the charity work that I do with orphans and foster children, the environment, the local and international healing events I lead or the videos, books and other products I produce are all created with this very intention in mind. Even when I don’t have much to give ~ I am compelled to give back to the abundant universe that has given so much to me over the years.

Growing up very poor and witnessing incredible atrocities at a young age actually taught me many things about non attachment, giving, generosity, gratitude and acceptance.

These lessons have served me more then anything throughout the years. It is from this space of open hearted love, faith and gratitude that I offer my time and energy to you, both at the live trainings and through the videos, audio classes, books in the 30 Day Yoga & Energy Transformation Diet Course online.

Bali Yoga Scholarships – Deadline Nov 24

Last year, after I gave away 12 scholarships to Bali & Miami, I had decided to cut back on my giving a little. The reason was because it was causing me to go into debt to be able to facilitate these trainings! After some deep thought, I have decided to offer just 3 – partial scholarships this year. And if you wish to apply for it, YOU MUST APPLY THIS WEEK, to qualify for the $1500 scholarship to Bali.


“I lost 35 pounds (and went down 5 belt notches!) in just 16 days, following the simple and surprisingly delicious healthy diet plan. The yoga classes were hard for me at first, but I was amazed by the progress I made. I set a goal to achieve ‘full wheel pose’ by the end of the program, which I was not too sure I’d accomplish… Not only did I accomplish my goals I set, I exceeded them!Now I can walk by a mirror with pride in my body for the first time in many years. I made a ton of new friends and discovered a new passion for yoga. Thank you so much Dashama!”   ~Chris, Alabama, USA


This 300 hour residential training in paradise is truly a full value of at least $12,000 -since we live in luxury resorts and it is all inclusive.  The current 30 day program tuition I have been advised is much too low. This is just a heads up and I want to make sure, if finances are a concern for you, you take advantage of this very limited time scholarship offer. The tuition price is going up after the New Year.

Last week, we had several students register and apply for the scholarship. The deadline is November 24, to apply, interview and if you are accepted, place your deposit to secure your spot.

If you are looking for a major shift in 2013, a transformation of mind, body and spirit, the adventure of a lifetime and/or to become certified as a yoga teacher (200 or 500 hour level) THIS is the opportunity of a lifetime. Bali will be the ONLY 30 day yoga training I will lead in 2013, so take a leap of faith and just know, your destiny is calling you – I’ll be there waiting for you to arrive in paradise.

Bali 2013 promises to be our most blissful and transformational experience yet, as we will spend the last 2 weeks at the Bloo Lagoon resort in Padang Bai, with cliffside oceanview villas with our own private snorkeling and surfing beach! You can see the pics on the website.

Apply now:


“My mind, body, heart and soul were new again and I feel 10 years younger!” I was already practicing and teaching yoga for many years when  I registered for Dashama’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge/
Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Retreat. I had already been studying and sharing her yoga techniques via the internet and her videos online. My experience in Bali was nothing short of life changing. I went  through some deep layers and released years of negativity/ grief and by the end of the month, I felt truly enlightened. My mind, body, heart and soul were new again and I feel at least 10 years younger.  I am also looking forward to attending future trainings with Dashama very soon!! I strongly encourage anyone considering attending to stop contemplating and just do it!  ~Dave Smyth,  Yoga Teacher, Isle of Mann, UK



My the long time sun, shine upon you, and all love surround you, may the pure light within you, guide your way home.
Sat Nam.
Love and Blessings,



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